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With rhythmic designs on a delicate, creamy gold and silver palette mixed with rich European fragrances, the Motif Collection is reminiscent of Old World interiors and a full-bodied experience.

MOTIF Collection KOBO Candles 100% pure soy scented candles


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Tabac and Talc

Tabac and Talc

Price €48.00

Each note expands to another level with this multi-layered blend. Its unique room-filling fragrance will create a richly sophisticated ambience. Bottom notes of patchouli and talc provide an earthly connection.

tobacco, patchouli, talc

• 80-hour burn time

• 100% pure soy wax

• 5.5"(h) x 4"(l) x 4"(w)

• Extinguishing lid and a box of wooden matches included.